Music: Tove Lo is My New Bad “Habits”

Daniel Prays is easy prey for the “Dramatic and Damaged” variety of pop glamour.

Swedish songbird Tove Lo, 26, had me at this single cover–all smoky eyes and streaky mascara, lip gloss and longing.

“I’ve always wanted my music to have that desperation,” Tove told BBC News, “where you just want to strip your clothes off […]

Why I’m a Diaper Daddy for Pro-Life

I don’t argue about abortion on Facebook and Twitter. Nothing useful is accomplished. It’s much more fun buying diapers and supplies to donate to needy moms instead. Keep reading for more about that…

But first here’s why I’d rather not debate abortion on social media. It doesn’t seem to be used for much intelligent conversation–only […]

Faithful Departed: Paul Walker Tribute

Movie star Paul Walker’s tragic death on November 30, 2013 inspired me to write a tribute article for Busted Halo.

The Catholic spiritual site runs a series called “Faithful Departed” that lets writers explore how they experienced the sacred in (usually famous) people who’ve passed away.

I hope I’ve done Mr. Walker justice. He was generally […]

Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like an Elf Hanging

Help! The world’s gone mad.

A Danish pastor has hung an elf doll in effigy outside his church, just in time for the holidays.

Jon Knudsen, 45, states that Santa’s elves are actually minions of Satan (“house demons”) and must not be linked with the birth of Jesus Christ. This disquieting demonstration is an annual Christmas tradition […]

New Busted Halo Article: “Gabriel’s Message”

Can listening to a Christmas carol actually inspire greater faith this holiday season?

Can it help bring about any real change in your life?

I say YES!

Check out my personal reflection about “Gabriel’s Message,” a traditional Basque carol that recalls the archangel’s famous visit to the Holy Virgin.

It’s in my latest article for the Catholic website […]

Pray Against World Hunger at 12Noon in YOUR Time Zone!

News you can feast on: Pope Francis has announced the kickoff of a new global campaign against hunger. Whoever you are, Christian or otherwise, join those who care in our worldwide “wave of prayer”!

On Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 12Noon in your time zone, pause to pray in solidarity with your neighbors around the […]

Reality Check: Kids Sniff Glue Because They’re Hungry

Hungry children are sniffing glue to quell their rumbling stomachs. Instead of going to school, they spend their days begging in the streets and their nights shivering without shelter.

This is happening right now as you read this!

My eyes were opened last night at a Los Angeles screening of Child 31, the excellent half-hour documentary […]

Happy Birthday, Joni Mitchell!

Can’t help but file this under “Daniel’s Delights”!

During my drive to work, NPR played “Chelsea Morning” in honor of Joni Mitchell’s birthday. The fair-haired folk music songbird is 70 today! Not that it’s polite to refer to a lady’s age. But I think another year of a legendary life is something to be totally celebrated, not […]

1 Smart Scripture That Could Save Your Life

I used to be the guy who prided himself on never crying. But let’s be real: My eyes welled up with tears over Sunday’s Mass reading from the Book of Wisdom.

This Sunday was my birthday, and I felt God speak to my heart through these words from Wisdom 11:24-12:1:

“For you love all things that are
and […]

Don’t Believe in God? A Helpful Message from a Heavenly Lady

For the past 32 years, Mary, the Mother of God, has been appearing to six visionaries in the village of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina. For what reason? She simply wants to reconcile a hurting and broken world with her son, Jesus Christ. Why should we believe this is real? Jesus himself said that “by their […]

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